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Environmental Sustainability

The City of Los Angeles charter is to be the leader in Energy efficiency, as such, I believe we need to continue to be aggressive in exploring new alternative fuel sources and invest in renewable energy (Solar & Wind) while we work to phase out and SHUT DOWN the Aliso Canyon facility over the next several years.

  • I will continue to work with my fellow official state, city and neighborhood council members to mandate SoCal Gas be accountable and much more responsive to the community and to LAFD and County officials.

  • Support CAG and SOC in their efforts to get a health study implemented and developed along with obtaining the long awaited Chemical List in order to establish an adequate state of the art monitoring system and prevent future blowouts.

  • Work with state representatives and other regulatory agencies to commit to shutting down the Aliso Canyon facility and be tenacious in my oversight of doing so to ensure they comply with any demands

  • Continue my efforts to find ways to shut down the facility as early as possible while following all county guidelines

  • In addition, I pledge to listen to local stakeholders near the Sunshine Canyon Landfill and will work to take steps to ensure regulations are followed at that site.

  • Continue to work toward sustainable energy projects, such as the solar panels for street lights and possibly mini wind turbines on top of poles.

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