• Asaad Alnajjar

Public Safety & Works

By partnering closely with local agencies like the LAPD, L.A. Fire Department, and the Emergency Management Department, as a volunteer, I am committed to keeping our neighborhoods, city streets, ports and airports secure, reducing violent extremism, reducing gang violence with intervention campaigns, by reducing gun violence, improving resilience, and combatting human trafficking.

As a board member of the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council and Chair of the Safety and Transit Committee I vow to maintain public safety by supporting the needs of the police and fire departments and pledging that their voices will be heard. In doing so, Porter Ranch will remain a strong and safe community within the city of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles city has unique challenges and our resilience planning includes preparedness and recovery from a variety of possible disasters and threats. There are possible hazards from natural occurrences such as earthquakes, fires, landslides to man-made hazards such as riots and civil unrest, public health issues, cybercrime and terrorism and other emergencies. I will continue to work to help reduce the impact of these threats by generating greater awareness to potential disasters and take measures to create enable the Resilience planning in progress that will enable Los Angeles to bounce back more quickly when disaster strikes.

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