• Asaad Alnajjar

The Homeless Crisis

I will continue to work to address the causes at the roots, explore in practical community advocated solutions and not just relocate people from one place to another by addressing:

  • All the displaced homeless are our brothers and sisters in need and we have to treat them with respect and honesty.

  • Find solutions for high cost of housing by controlling and limiting the rent increases.

  • Guarantee that every developer builds low-income housing.

  • As an active engineering designer of Mayor Garcetti’s homeless program “A Bridge Home”, deliver expedited models of temporary housing that has service-enriched programs aimed to quickly bring homeless Angelinos off the streets and help them rebuild their lives

  • Identify early those who need assistance prior to becoming homeless.

  • Support mental health and substance abuse assistance programs.

  • Get the homeless of our sidewalks and stop COVID-19 spread among tents.

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