• Asaad Alnajjar

Porter Ranch Constituent Services

The heart of the city is YOU. The constituents. When there is an issue that needs escalation, your first call should be to your local Neighborhood Council.

• For me constituent services are at the heart of being a City Civil Servant. No matter where you live in Los Angeles, residents want their trash picked up on time, street lights working, potholes fixed, and sidewalks level, and much more, the list is extensive. The city neighborhood council acts as a bridge to the community and these city services.

Being in charge of for 3 years and public services for 32 years, I will ensure services are delivered through the proper public works department in a timely manner to maintain the integrity of our infrastructure.

• When an issue arises and is not handled within the 72 hour response-time guarantee, a constituent may pick up the phone to escalate the issue. When calling the city, a constituent needs to be heard and feel confident that the issue will be resolved. And that is exactly what I did in City Hall of Los Angeles. For me, a commitment to provide excellent constituent services is more than a campaign promise, those who know me already know that I am responsible and responsive. I will always bring that same pride, passion, commitment, and responsiveness to representing and advocating for all of Porter Ranch.

• I promise to continue to work to develop solutions that connect residents with the resources and services they need to grow and thrive in our neighborhood, as I did with My311.

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